Get extra support for your pupils

We can help you improve the literacy skills of pupils who are falling behind.

Help your pupils catch-up

Pupil Premium Funded pupils who take part in our programme make an average of 16 months progress in their reading age compared to just four months’ progress over the same period of time without the programme.

That can be a real boost to all their classroom learning.

Nominate your pupils in Years 5 to 8

Our after-school programmes combine personalised adult support, plenty of reading and writing practice in line with the curriculum, and relentlessly positive environment to boost their confidence.

We’ll work with you to spot pupils who could benefit from the programme, and then invite families to sign up. That means we take your lead on the skills focus each pupil could use help with.

One of your teachers is appointed Pirate Liaison so that we can working closely with you throughout the year. In addition, we work with an organisation called ImpactEd so that you can access real-time progress of your pupils.

Does this sound like something for your pupils? 

In-person versus online

We have developed two programmes that both work to improve literacy and confidence.

For schools that are close to Dalston, Hackney and Tottenham, Haringey our pirate themed learning centres offer a brilliant environment for pupils to receive extra support and practice their reading and writing skills.

For those further afield, our Virtual Ship offers a focus on personal support and positive feedback and the same practice of reading and writing. This a term-long, 10-week intervention. This is a flexible option, so you prioritize those pupils who need the most help. That means you can nominate pupils throughout the year and for 1, 2 or 3 terms. Rest assured we ensure they have the right equipment, and monitor attendance carefully.

All pupils have their work published and attend celebration events to give them a sense of achievement.

Schools contribute

Schools contribute towards the cost, we fundraise the remainder.

  • 10 pupils for the one-year, in-person programme is £3,950.
  • 30 pupils for term long, Virtual Ship programme is £3,950 £1,975.

Our mission is to help you help pupils succeed. Talk to us about how we can help.

Term dates 2021

Autumn term

13th September* – 22nd October

Half term – 25th October- 29th October

1st November – 10th December

Spring term

10th January – 12th February

Half term – 15th February – 19th February

22nd February – 1st April

Summer term

25th April – 27th May

Half term – 31st May – 3rd June

6th June – 15th July

Form assembly

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