Celebrate our birthday by giving monthly.

To mark this milestone, would you consider becoming a Pirate Pal by committing to a regular donation?

We are looking for 25 generous people to give a monthly donation. This will double the number of Pirate Pals donating each month. Regular gifts from our Pirate Pals provide a vital foundation of support to the children we work with.

Why is our work needed?

There is overwhelming evidence to show that literacy skills and engagement in education during the transitional period of ages 9-12 impact the life chances of children. By tackling the literacy gap at this crucial age, we help set up our Young Pirates for secondary school and reaching their full potential in life.

We provide a fun, creative learning environment that exists outside of the school gates. Our three Ships act as safe spaces where Young Pirates can make mistakes without judgment, learn to try again, and develop their reading and writing skills.

As you can imagine, Covid-19 exacerbated problems in attaining educational equality and the digital divide, and therefore our work is more important than ever.

Why not give up your morning coffee once a week and pledge your support for children in your community?

If you are not in a position to commit to a financial donation right now, we’d still love for you to join in the celebration. You can help by sharing our campaign across your social media channels, and don’t forget to tag us @literacypirates.

Thank you!

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