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The Haringey Pirates Baseline Form - Teachers - Start Of Year

We use this form to find out some basic information about each young person's strengths and weaknesses in our core target skill areas. We will ask you the same questions again in the middle and at the end of the year to see if there have been any changes. 

Please complete the follow questions and contact us on 0203 327 1777 if you have any issues 

Basic information

1. Literacy Attainment 

2. Confidence and Perseverance

These questions are about your young person's strengths and areas for improvement. We use these same questions with parents and with the young people themselves in order to get a rounded perspective on their progress. As the teacher perspective is a particularly important one to us, we ask you to think carefully about how this young person is doing at the moment. 

Please think about just the last few weeks so that we can get a sense of how the young person is doing right now. Generally, from what you see, how far do you agree with these sentences?
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disgree Agree Strongly agree I don't know
Thank you for completing this form!

Please press the Submit button below to send the form to us, and to complete another form. 

Form assembly

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