Covid 19

As a business and educational environment we will resume our in-person programme from September. We have put in place the following measures:

Lateral Flow Testing can help cut the path of transmission: Like schools, we ask students, volunteers and staff to test regularly through the week to help identify any asymptomatic cases.

Washing our hands remains the best way to stay safe: All visitors to our Hackney and Haringey sites are asked to wash their hands when they arrive, and throughout their visit. We have hand sanitiser and wipes available.

Wearing a mask can help stop the spread, especially when people are asymptomatic: Please wear a mask to arrive to our sites and as you move around communal areas. We do not require mask-wearing during the educational sessions. Good communication is essential for good learning. However, if you would like to wear one or have your child wear one, we will support and enable that decision.

Stay at home if you feel unwell: If you have a temperature, a persistent cough or a change in ability to smell and taste, please stay away from our sites until you have been tested and got the all clear.

Desks, chairs and equipment is cleaned daily: We have put in place additional cleaning of high touch points. These are cleaned throughout the day to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Names and contact details are collected of visitors: We have the contact details of visitors so that if a case does emerge we can easily fit into the Track and Trace programme.

We welcome feedback and your thoughts about how we can improve what we do so everyone feels comfortable visiting the Literacy Pirates. Let us know using the Contact page.

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