Mental health and wellbeing podcast created by the Young Pirates

Here at the Literacy Pirates, we take mental health and wellbeing seriously, especially as during the pandemic our Young Pirates have had to learn to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and have been restricted in the way that they learn and relax.

So, last month we ran a two-day workshop that explored the themes of mental health and wellbeing and gave the children a platform to discuss their experiences of the most recent lockdown and the impact it had on them. The Young Pirates felt similar emotions to how adults have been feeling and talked about the struggles of being cooped up at home all day long and the dangers of too much screen time.

It wasn’t all bad though, because they are a resilient bunch and had found some great ways of coping and boosting their wellbeing.

Our Trustee and nurse, Aisha Miller-Dyer was on hand to unpack some the facts around mental health and what we can do to promote wellbeing. The discussions were so great that we thought we should share it with the world and put together a podcast.

All of the children featured in the podcast were happy to talk about their experiences and felt it was important to share with other children who might be struggling. So, this Mental Health Awareness week, please take an opportunity to listen to the thoughts and views of our Young Pirates and celebrate the fact that we’re talking about it openly and honestly. Because, only by doing so can we ensure that young people have the strategies needed and get the support their require for good mental health.

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Paula Daines, Session Leader

Form assembly

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