Serendipity – a lovely sounding deed

Serendipity – chance, fate, destiny. It’s a characteristic of running an organisation. Not everything can be planned for. Most things probably aren’t. For instance, two Crewmates have this month have given us massive opportunities that we had not planned for.

Ellara put us forward to work with the BBC on a joint workshop for children to engage with the music of this season’s BBC Proms. We have worked with her and the BBC team to create online resources and a holiday workshop working with Lemn Sissay poem Colourblind, and Hannah Kendall’s  The Spark Catchers. That’s such an incredible opportunity to give to our Young Pirates.

The other is that someone, we are not sure who has nominated us for The Week Junior charity of the week this week. Anonymous fundraising!

What I like about serendipity is the fact we are not in control, but someone else has taken it upon themselves to steer our destiny. And that feels lovely.

Thank you to Ellara and whoever you are.

Form assembly

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