Protect our earth, because we don’t have another one!

Our Young Pirates have been sailing the seven seas, studying subjects that make people pause for thought.

Looking closely at gender inequality has given Young Pirates an understanding of both utter unfairness and lost lack of potential arising from young girls’ poor access to education.

Meanwhile, climate change is a huge topic, and strongly related to others, including hunger and access to clean water. More young people are learning why it’s so important to put the planet first, though some said plants could be a lot tastier!

Sadly, the aftermath of the European Championship final saw some England football players being racially abused on social media. In the year after George Floyd’s murder, it’s a timely reminder of how far we’ve come – and the distance left to travel – until racism is eliminated, and people aren’t judged on their heritage, language, skin colour or religion.

-Crewmate Mark

This blog is about the importance of reversing climate change because we believe that we need to stop it before it gets out of control.​ ‘Climate Change’ is caused by CO2 that surrounds the world and makes the greenhouse gases that cause floods, wildfires and hotter days. BUT we can turn the tide.​ We think it is time that we stand up for what is right! 

Who doesn’t want to stop climate change? 

Our communities are trying their best to actively work towards helping climate change. But do you really think that all governments care? 95% of governments worldwide have not made a sufficient effort in combatting this issue. Whereas, Greta Thunberg has changed the world by taking action to reduce climate change. She has told global leaders that they must be more responsible and take care of our Earth.​ Do you really think we can ignore waste when the world is running out of resources? 

We need to do what we can to stop the earth from heating up!  

The earth’s temperature is rising at a rate faster than ever recorded in history. The past decade was the hottest on record, more than 1.2 degrees hotter than the average year in the 19th Century. Things we do, like the burning of fossil fuels (for coal), deforestation (chopping down lots of trees) and industrialisation is harming the world. Climate change has endless consequences, from poor crop yields to extreme weather. Unfortunately, 11% of people on earth are affected by droughts and floods.​ This happens because greenhouse gases are trapping heat in the atmosphere, causing icecaps to melt (almost 750 billion tons in Antarctica) and this causes the sea level to rise. Making the earth hotter is an outrageous thing, as forests are drier there is a greater risk of wildfires. A lot of creatures live in these habitats but due to climate change their lives are under threat.​ How can we keep destroying the world like this?   

Animal habitats are being destroyed 

What if you had to abandon your home because the temperature got too hot to stay?Animals are losing homes because the world is heating up and deforestation is happening, and trees and rainforests are being destroyed by wildfires. Moreover, the polar caps are melting, and polar bears are not able to get food anymore and penguins are becoming homeless. Reduced water levels will also threaten the lives of sea and river creatures. We think that climate change is creating lots of problems and we need to stop it because it’s killing our animals. Don’t you think this is serious?​ More than one million species are at risk of extinction by the way we treat our planet. How do you think the animals feel to lose their home?  ​In our opinion, WE are the cause by being careless about our HOME and animals also blame us as well!  

Marine Life in peril! 

We would like plastic straws and other single use plastics to be banned because they end up in the sea and the fish eat them. Then we eat the fish, and they say that “you are what you eat” and that means that we are plastic! Do you want countless sea animals to die because of the plastic you use? Plastic is so bad for the ocean; it kills a lot of sea life and takes 450 years to decompose!  

Tech is eating up precious resources! 

We know you love watching videos on your phone. But modern activities – such as plugging in devices, driving cars, and cooling homes rely on energy sources such as natural gas, oil, and coal. These energy sources are not sustainable, and they cause climate change because they pollute the air.   

So, what can we do to combat climate change?  

  • Don’t cut trees down! No trees = no oxygen.  
  • We have to stop making vehicles and machines that emit smoke. Electric vehicles can help as they don’t make any smoke. ​ 
  • We should use cars less and walk more. We can also use public transport or cycle to work or school.  
  • More people in one vehicle creates less greenhouse gasses so the world will evidently be greener.  
  • Buy fewer things that are manufactured using fossil fuel and taking better forms of transportation. ​  
  • We should cut down single use plastics and recycle and reuse wherever we can!​ When we go to the supermarket we should use reusable bags! 
  • We like eating burgers but eating beef is 250 times as bad for the climate as eating vegetables because of greenhouse gases​. Also, cows produce Methane gas, which is bad for the planet, so we need to eat less meat. 

Do you want a future with rising temperatures and sea levels? Less tropical forests and animals? Well, if we don’t change how we live, the earth will not survive. 

When will YOU start to ACT? Open your eyes before it’s too late!  

Written by our Young Pirates: Samantha, Mohamed, Tiffany, Jaydan, Nassim, Justin, Aaron, Burak, Astrid, Kavell, Michael, Samuel, Ahmed, Emmanuel, Selim, Talha, Dasha, Levi, Ameliyah, Bora, EJ, Makai, Ines, Lillian, Zafina, Jessica, Jack, Maja, Kimora, Regina, Saeed, Ela, Joel, Kyra-Marie, Jaqueline, Amaria, Kayden, Rachel, Devona, Eva, Rebeca, Princess, Gabriel, Liam and Lashay. 

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