Hot off the press – our Young Pirates’ new e-book!

Today we are excited to launch our first ever online published project. This new e-book holds over 40 poems from our Young Pirates, children in Hackney and Haringey. They describe the everyday reality inside their homes during this lockdown and talk about the food, people and sounds that they encounter. Some are humorous, others heartfelt. The children continue to describe the things that matter to them, the precious people and of course the importance of pizza!

At the start of April we launched a new virtual ship – now named by Young Pirate Kimora, the Home Away Ship giving the children we support the chance to put pen to paper and express themselves, while practicing their writing skills and all the time receiving guidance and motivation from our crew. Their hard work is now contained in this new e-book.

We have been looking at all the evidence on digital learning and how best to improve children’s skills. Critical to our programme is continuing the joyful environment we are known for, celebrating the children’s hard work and ensuring they get personal and meaningful feedback weekly.

We were nervous that the energy of our face to face programme would not translate, and of course that the children might not engage. But we have been overwhelmed with the response from children and parents/carers. And we are so impressed with what our Young Pirates have created.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished together so far, and excited for what we can continue to do as the pandemic continues to disrupt children’s education.

Jude Williams, CEO

The poems are on the website.
Please read, share and write a comment about them to us that we can share with the Young Pirates.

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