Congratulations to our Young Pirates of 2018-19!

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that has been involved with the Literacy Pirates this year – including all of our supporters, and our Volunteer Crewmates that provide extra adult attention in sessions.

Our Young Pirates have become published poets, film stars, artists, and much more! We’re currently reviewing our impact for the year and we already know that both ships have exceeded previous years – we’re excited to share our full report in the Autumn.

It’s been a big year for the Literacy Pirates. We transitioned from the Hackney Pirates to the Literacy Pirates, as we opened our second ship in Haringey. After a successful first seven months, we’re delighted to announce that Haringey will become a full time ship, with sessions from Monday through to Friday every week during term time. We’d like to thank everyone that helped make our new ship a success!

Farewell to Anthony, and welcome aboard Duncan!

On Friday we bid farewell to our long standing Volunteer Manager, Anthony. He has set sail to experience new adventures and we wish him the best of luck. We are, however, delighted to welcome onboard our new Volunteer Manager, Duncan Exley, to the team.

A Note from the Captain

Thank you Anthony  – you have given so much to the role and been part of the exceptional growth of a volunteer programme from a handful of faithful volunteers to more than 500 regular Crewmates.

Anthony, our former Volunteer Manager salutes you!

“Ahoy there, as many of you will be aware, my final day at the Literacy Pirates was on Friday. After 5 years of service, it’s time for me to set sail on a new adventure.

I’d like to thank all of our Volunteer Crewmates for the impact we have created over the years. Working with such selfless and dedicated volunteers has restored my faith in humanity. I feel truly blessed to have been part of this amazing organisation, working alongside some of the most intelligent, talented and passionate people you could possibly hope to work with.

I will treasure all the lessons I have learned in my time aboard the Ship and they will guide me in my future journey. Following my official departure I will volunteer regularly in sessions and help to recruit new volunteers by speaking about the Literacy Pirates every possible opportunity I get. Once a Pirate, always a Pirate!”

It was hard to imagine anyone filling Anthony’s boots, so I am delighted to announce that Duncan Exley will be joining us as our new Volunteer Manager in August.

Duncan Exley will be joining the team later this month

Duncan joins us with a strong background in leading organisations, campaigning and working with volunteers. We were impressed with his passion for our work and his desire to be involved in a charity working with young people directly. We are excited to have him come aboard and you will be able to meet him yourselves in September – I know he is looking forward to meeting you.

“When I was a child, shoes that were too big were said to be ‘like boats’. I’ll be taking over from Anthony, and working at Literacy Pirates, so the shoes I’ll be stepping into are ‘like ships’.

I first heard of Literacy Pirates from a friend who volunteers with the organisation. I’d just finished writing a book about how children can be helped to pursue ‘ideas above their station’, when they told me about their experience of volunteering at the Pirates and about the evident impact – I realised that would have made a more compelling case-study than some I had included in my book.

This friend infected me with their enthusiasm, so when they mentioned with characteristic timing (fifteen hours before the application deadline) that a Volunteer Manager was being recruited, I jumped at the chance.”

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