Collectively, we have the ability to fight for zero hunger!​

Our Young Pirates have been sailing the seven seas, studying subjects that make people pause for thought.

Looking closely at gender inequality has given Young Pirates an understanding of both utter unfairness and lost lack of potential arising from young girls’ poor access to education.

Meanwhile, climate change is a huge topic, and strongly related to others, including hunger and access to clean water. More young people are learning why it’s so important to put the planet first, though some said plants could be a lot tastier!

Sadly, the aftermath of the European Championship final saw some England football players being racially abused on social media. In the year after George Floyd’s murder, it’s a timely reminder of how far we’ve come – and the distance left to travel – until racism is eliminated, and people aren’t judged on their heritage, language, skin colour or religion.

Their passion for the subject matter shone through, helping shape some inspiring insights peppered by plenty of facts and figures. Knowing how to craft an argument will no doubt serve them well in future!

The strength of their writing was informed by their willingness to tackle new words during reading sessions, with selected texts promoting good conversations about comprehension. Encouraging young people to fulfil their reading potential is essential to embed a love of books at an early age, which in turn will help them with all areas of their education as they grow older.

-Crewmate Mark

This blog is about zero hunger because whats more important to survival than food? It’s sad to see people hungry and nearly 800 million people suffer worldwide - even children in the United Kingdom! To end world hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition we must promote sustainable agricultural practices and donate to those in need.​ Don’t you think we should stand up for what is right and help these poor people get food every day?​  

Why should anyone go hungry? 
Poverty is the main cause of hunger in the world. Would you starve your friends or family? Of course not! And we don’t need to! The world produces enough foodto feed all 7.5 billion people and yet 1 in 9 people around the world still go hungry each day.​ Countries that suffer most from hunger tend to be the hotter climates. Such as Africa, India, desert nations, and Nepal. Why is this a problem? Globally, about 8.9% of the world’s population — 690 million people — go to bed on an empty stomach each night.​ 

Don’t you think all children deserve to eat?

As a group, we believe that every child should have enough to eat, every day, but ​ approximately 3.1 million children, worldwide, die from undernutrition each year (UNICEF, 2018).  

Why wouldn’t ANYONE feel disgusted, shocked and flabbergasted that 9 children in every classroom of 30 are living in poverty. ​ 

Is it fair? ​ 

Some families cannot afford the price of the food and we think that every person globally should have access to food. ​Hunger is also an issue in the UK, 4 million UK children suffer from malnutrition. 2 in 5 children in the UK live under the poverty line and are not eligible for Free School Meals. At the end of the day, hunger is never a child’s fault and Marcus Rashford, a famous footballer who plays for Manchester United, doesn’t want this to continue. So, he is one of the people campaigning to end Food Poverty in the UK – to provide extra food for children in school holidays. We also believe that the government should give money to support families who can’t afford school lunches for their children. By giving free school meals it will help to support those who need it the most and ensure no one goes hungry otherwise you are basically starving our future!  

The pandemic caused more hunger 

In 2020, the covid pandemic killed lots of people​ but also brought new challenges to people facing hunger, as well as an increased level of food insecurity around the world. ​There should be enough food for everyone in the world including poor people. Imagine you had the power to cure world hunger. Wouldn’t you want to do something about it? People must speak out if you have an idea use it speak out.​  

Wasting precious food 

Do you think it’s fair that you throw away your food while others starve?​ Nobody deserves to go hungry: we are all humans and deserve to eat and not be provided with less than other people or have to beg for food. ​ 

Millions of people across the world get hungry every day, whilst some people waste it, which is unfair and needs to change! Is it right? that there are millions of people going to bed each night without food?​ How would you feel if you had to miss breakfast this morning?​  

You know how you don’t always finish the food on your plate? Well, that food could fill someone else’s stomach. But because you throw that food away, it gets wasted which also means that the hard work of the farmers goes to waste.​ 

Health consequences of starvation 

Did you know?​ 
Just like a mobile phone needs to be recharged every day, so does your body.​ Children who are poorly nourished suffer the equivalent of up to five months of illness each year.  

You must agree? No one should have an empty stomach. Food gives us energy and if we don’t have energy then we cannot do many things. Humans could become extinct. Nearly all of the world’s undernourished people live in developing countries. Current estimates are that nearly 690 million people are hungry or 8.9 per cent of the world population – up by 10 million people in one year and nearly 60 million in five years.​ Starvation can cause serious problems such as malnutrition and other mental illnesses​. The main reason people need a healthy diet is for strong teeth and bones. If people go to sleep hungry this could affect the amount of sleep that they get and their health. ​  

Zero Hunger by 2030 

We feel guilty and upset because sometimes we throw away food and there are others with no food to eat. Millions of people across the world get hungry every day, whilst some people waste it, which is unfair and needs to change! ​Do you want 840 million people to starve? If we don’t achieve zero hunger by 2030 there will be 840 million people starving. We have worked out that in 2030 we will be 20 years old!​ 

A solution? 

World hunger has been a significant issue since records began, and over the last century, mankind has taken huge strides towards solving the crisis. But more needs to be done. The world produces enough food to feed all 7.7 billion inhabitants, yet 11.3 percent of the earth’s population is hungry, that’s roughly 805 million people who go to bed hungry.​ We are wasting 2.9 trillion pounds of food each year, which could go towards feeding the hungry all over the world.​ A solution to world hunger, could be to stop wasting so much food in the first place, so everyone gets a chance to eat. ​ We think we could give a hand by sending money to charities, such as CAFOD, Action Aid and OXFAM so that they can help, and start sharing what we have. ​Sharing is caring, and that’s the best place to start – we should share.​ You could give money to food banks or donate food to them as well if you can. ​ 

We should all send enough supplies to charities, so that they can give it to people who need it.​ We think that no one should judge families that cannot provide food for their children.​ 

Finally, we believe that all communities should have access, via the government, to seeds to grow their own food.  

We believe that these are real solutions to the problem of world hunger. So, ACT NOW! ​ 


Written by: Abdi, Bright, Carlos, Hamid, Umar, Alfred, Leo, Oliwier, Alex, Khyreese, Za’relle, Kai, Javontai, Ege, Keira, Thebest and David-Eduard, Thalia, Inas, Nick, Ranveer, William, Ya-Sin, Baah, Ellis, Gideon, Derona, Arvin, Ali, Ibrahim, Rita, Mukades and Ryan. 

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