All aboard our Virtual Ship

On Thursday we once again pull up the gang-planks and start working from home. While we are disappointed not to be in our physical spaces, we are excited to really test our Virtual Ship, delivering live sessions to more Young Pirates than ever before.

The team have spent this week ensuring all our Young Pirates can get online and continue their learning on our Virtual Ship.

When we launched it in April this year, we knew the Virtual Ship was not merely a stop gap. We spent time developing the online programme, ensuring we could deliver the same impact of the wider programme.

We launched live sessions with around 30 Young Pirates in September and making it possible to continue to offer the support of our amazing Crewmates. We will now roll this out to all the Young Pirates enrolled with us this year.

So we continue…The Young Pirates are working on pieces of writing to be published in a book in December. They will go through the same splurge and refine cycles that they would do in the Hackney and Haringey ships, and we will publish the fantastical stories inside them. Crewmates will still be reading with them weekly and boosting their reading skills. We look forward to sharing the end result a published book with you before Christmas.

If you are curious, you can get an insiders view of the hows and whats of delivering an educational programme online at our upcoming webinar Adventures in Digital Learning on Weds 16th December.

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