Training Activity Handbook

Task 1 – Thinking about safeguarding and the code of conduct 


1. Your Young Pirate says something has made them feel sad 

2. A Young Pirate has commented on your Instagram post and started following you 

3. Your Young Pirate has bad body odour today 

4. Your Young Pirate tries to hug you 

5. You’re at the bus stop and your Young Pirate comes over to say hi 

6. Your Young Pirate tells you they are being bullied because of their heritage 

Which of these tips might apply? 

A. Let a member of staff know as soon as possible 

B. Offer an elbow bump, a foot bump or an air high five 

C. Report the facts exactly as they happened. You can say how it made you feel but it’s not your job to come to any conclusions 

D. Ask open questions if they are happy to share  

E. Call over a member of staff 

F. Consider your privacy settings and how easy it is to find you online 

Task 2 – Barriers

Task 3 – Say what you see

Task 4 – Reading Roleplay

If your name comes first in the alphabet, you will play the Young Pirate, if it is second you are playing the Crewmate. If there is a third person in your group, they will play the Observer role.

Top Secret Roles for Young Pirates 
You are reluctant to read.
You read clearly but without fully understanding what the text says.
You get stuck on longer words.
You sometimes skip words when reading.

Your text for the Reading Roleplay is an extract from Charlotte’s Web

Task 5 – Thinking about reading and confidence 


1. Your Young Pirate has no idea what book to choose  

2. Your Young Pirate is really tired and reading is starting to feel long 

3. Your Young Pirate is rushing 

4. Your Young Pirate is finding the book really difficult 

5. Your Young Pirate says they can’t read that book because their parents wouldn’t approve 

Which of these tips might apply? 

A. Look for tips in the Literacy Guide 

B. Stop to have a conversation about what you’ve been reading 

C. Talk about your experience as a reader 

D. Set some goals and take some mini breaks 

E. Change something! Stand up, stretch, look up a word, find a new book 

F. Break it up into small chunks and take more of the reading on yourself 

G. Call over a member of staff 

H. Tell your Young Pirate: “You might know people who don’t agree with certain things but everybody is welcome at the Literacy Pirates and we think it’s good to have books about all kinds of people so everyone knows they are important” 

Task 6 – A Young Pirate’s splurge

  • Task 1 Identify 3 things that’s your Young Pirate needs to work on.
  • Task 2 Discuss how you would deliver this feedback with you Young Pirate.
  • Task 3 Identify 3 really great things about this writing.
  • Task 4 Discuss how you would share these with your Young Pirate.

Task 7 – Thinking about writing and perseverance 


1. Your Young Pirate’s work is full of mistakes but they’re very happy with it 

2. Your Young Pirate doesn’t know what to write next 

3. Your Young Pirate’s work is very confusing 

4. Your Young Pirate has more ideas than they will ever fit in 

5. Your Young Pirate has written something that doesn’t appear to be anything to do with the project 

Which of these tips might apply? 

A. Look for tips in the Literacy Guide 

B. Look through their work from previous weeks 

C. Call over a member of staff 

D. Talk about your experience of trying and working hard 

E. Ask lots of questions 

F. Set some goals and take some mini breaks 

G. Stop, reflect and read back over 

H. Find some things to celebrate 

Task 8 – Tips for overcoming barriers

Thank you for attending training!

We can not wait for you to join the Crew!
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