A unique literacy programme

We offer schools an after-school programme for pupils who are falling behind in class, to practice their reading and writing skills and boost their classroom confidence.

How the programme works

Children aged 9-12 years old attend a weekly session online or in one of our pirate-themed learning centres in Hackney and Haringey. Our qualified teachers led a two hour session. They are joined by a community of volunteers who support reading practice as well as support the children to write stories that are published in exciting real-life publications like books, films and apps.

Through a relentlessly positive environment, adult support and a focus on reading and writing skills practice, we help children make 16 months progress in their reading age. For those children who have fallen behind this creates a crucial boost in skills and confidence so they can better succeed at school.

Our experience as teachers, and extensive research tells us that there are specific challenges faced by children who are quietly under-achieving and have fewer opportunities to catch up. These have been exacerbated by Covid 19.

Our programme is devised and led by teachers, informed by our experience and the evidence about what works. Below is the evidence behind the key activities that believe drive our impact.

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