Why work for us?

Working at Literacy Pirates is a joy and it is tough.

It is a joy because we work directly with children everyday, and they never cease to amaze and entertain us. We are also Pirates, and of course the nature of our name, learning programme and ethos means we are relentlessly positive, all the time.

On the other side it is tough. Working in a charity has its challenges. We are stretched for resources; the answer to ‘Who is in charge of x’ is usually, ‘You are now!’ The photocopier doesn’t always work. The work laptops aren’t that brilliant. Social change can be slow. Some of what we see and experience upsets and discourages us.  

But if you ask any of us what keeps us going, it’s the mission, professionalism and passion of the rest of the team. It’s the core factor in what gets us up in the morning, we don’t want to let others down and its always a pleasure to grab a chat by the kettle. It is the reason we are growing and succeeding too.

If you are thinking of a career with or around children or in the charity sector, then the current role we are recruiting for could be a great one for you.

The Education Team Assistant role works with closely with our children and families. And a fair amount of data too.

We aren’t looking for any specific educational achievements or experience. We are looking for someone that can bring something special to the team. Can you roll with the punches? Can you demonstrate oodles of positivity? Can you learn new skills, quickly? Are you committed to the children we work with?

Please take a look at this full-time, permanent role. If it’s not for you, do share it with your network.

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