Impact report 2020-21

We are really proud to share our 2020-21 impact report which highlights the resilience and hard work of the Young Pirates we worked with in the last year.  

We have been online all year. We have learnt so much about how to make the same impact by continuing to give the children the opportunity to read and write under the guidance of our teachers, and with the personal attention and constant positive feedback from our Crewmate volunteers.  

What have we learnt over this year? 

  • Our digital programme we can make the same impact on reading age 
  • Digital programmes can work better for some children 
  • Building relationships with parents and carers is rewarding and helps children succeed on the programme 
  • A digital programme reaches new boroughs and schools we haven’t been able to work with before 
  • Data collection isn’t always easier online 
  • Children are digital natives, and so are many of our volunteers, whatever their age 
  • Distributing tech to ensures equity in access. 

You can read more about what we have achieved and learnt in the report.  

I’d like to say a huge Thank You to all our volunteers, supporters and the families we work in partnership with. It’s a pleasure to be working together, to help children enjoy reading and writing and succeed at school. 

A salute to you all! 

Jude Williams 

Chief Executive / Captain 

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