Bonus blogs! Three other causes that our Young Pirates are passionate about.

Our Young Pirates have been sailing the seven seas, studying subjects that make people pause for thought.

Looking closely at gender inequality has given Young Pirates an understanding of both utter unfairness and lost lack of potential arising from young girls’ poor access to education.

Meanwhile, climate change is a huge topic, and strongly related to others, including hunger and access to clean water. More young people are learning why it’s so important to put the planet first, though some said plants could be a lot tastier!

Sadly, the aftermath of the European Championship final saw some England football players being racially abused on social media. In the year after George Floyd’s murder, it’s a timely reminder of how far we’ve come – and the distance left to travel – until racism is eliminated, and people aren’t judged on their heritage, language, skin colour or religion.

Their passion for the subject matter shone through, helping shape some inspiring insights peppered by plenty of facts and figures. Knowing how to craft an argument will no doubt serve them well in future!

The strength of their writing was informed by their willingness to tackle new words during reading sessions, with selected texts promoting good conversations about comprehension. Encouraging young people to fulfil their reading potential is essential to embed a love of books at an early age, which in turn will help them with all areas of their education as they grow older.

-Crewmate Mark

Good Health 

Do you care about your life? There are many things we can do to have a healthy lifestyle, for example eating fruit and vegetables, doing regular exercise and getting enough sleep.  

Balanced diet 

All food contains nutrients which your body needs to stay active throughout the day. Some foods have more nutrients than others. It’s important that you get the right amount of each food group, which is called a balanced diet. Why not start a balanced diet? We should aim to eat at least two portions of fruits and vegetables a day to prevent being overweight and unhealthy.  It is ok to have a cheat day, to improve our mental health (which is as important as our physical health) ​ Eating well can help us be more positive about life.​ Why should people eat healthy?​ Healthy eating is good because it is good for your heart. A good diet will also allow you to avoid obesity. This often leads to health problems and a shorter life span.​ 

Obesity and diabetes 

39% of adults in the world are overweight and need to take their health seriously, because being overweight can make your life shorter or lead to health problems. This is caused by a poor diet, depression, addiction, lack of exercise and motivation.​ It is well known that too much sugar can badly affect your heart, often leading to health problems such as type 2 diabetes. 


Who likes being stressed? Hormones like cortisol increase stress, so it is important that we do relaxing activities like reading, listening to music and playing games. We found out that reading a book lowers the level of cortisol by 68% in the body. Did you know, maintaining good relationships with your friends and family reduces harmful levels of stress and boosts your immune system?  

Importance of sleep 

Who likes being tired? To earn good health, we should have at least between six and nine hours of sleep a day. Sleeping relaxes muscles meaning when we go to sleep, we get healthier day by day.  

Benefits of exercise 

Lack of exercise now causes as many deaths as smoking. So go jogging!​ 

Working out helps mentally, psychically and it can give you longer life and gives a better mindset.  

On the positive side people who eat well, avoid sugar and junk food, sleep well and exercise, get fit and encourage others by having less sickness, looking better and stronger with better brain focus and knowledge and living longer.   

Do you want to enjoy these benefits? 

Find out more about how to stay healthy and well by visiting:

Written by: Medine, Chyaan, Kimisha, Fathin, Helena, Esther, Maria, Zakariya, Callum, Chanelle, Elfida, Areneh, Claudia, Drey and Elif. 


We have an important message. 

War is tearing the world apart. It causes hunger and the death of many people and animals from the side effects of bombings and the aftermath. 

Do you think it’s ok just to let people die and suffer from diseases when it’s not their fault?  

Diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera and malaria can be caused by war. In war torn places, there is always an increase in diseases!​ 

Why are people fighting? 

We need to stop wars. They end so many lives when it is usually just a fight between a few people but it drags in many innocent lives. This must change, to help save lives, protect the world and make sure future generations are safe.​ Why would you want to make people suffer?​  If people keep killing each other, there will be none of us left! ​Wars are only so greedy people get power.  

Do you want disputes between different countries to be the end of the world? 

Find out more about how children are being supported in war torn countries by visiting: 

Written by: Charlie, Emiliano and Sylvie. 

Stand up against Racism 

There is no room for racism in the UK, but it is still going on. People deserve to be treated the same as others. But, did you know that: 

  • 3% of the UK population is black but 8% of deaths happen while they are in custody.  
  • Black men are 19 times more likely to be stopped by police than people from other races. ​ 

Historically, in America, black people were not allowed to sit on a bus with white people. On December 1st ,1955 Rosa Parks was rejected by the bus driver however she didn’t listen. A white man asked Rosa to move but she said no, she was arrested and fined £10. Four seats were organised for the white people but the black people were forced to stand. It was one of the most famous events which happened in the Civil Rights movement.  

Do you think Rosa Parks made a difference in how people treated black people?​ 

If someone is being racist to you, do not engage and walk away or if in an emergency call the police.​ 

Why not support black people in their fight for equality? 

For more information, visit:

Written by: Paintsil, Samantha 

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